Hello! My name is Greg Shipp. I am a California Real Estate Broker and owner of "Sentinel Real Estate & Investments" located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. We are located in the Inland Empire region of Southern California. We are a full service real estate brokerage assisting sellers, buyers, investors, and institutions with the sale of mostly residential properties. I first became interested in real estate while attending college at Mount San Antonio College, located in Walnut, CA, and California Polytechnic University in Pomona. I was a business major with an emphasis on accounting. When I discovered Cal Poly offered a degree in Finance, Real Estate & Law I quickly changed my major and pursued this course of study. The unique concept of private property rights inherent in our Constitution, English common law, and our Judeo/Christian heritage are, and were, fascinating to me.

The other background that helped prepare me, unknowingly, for a future career in real estate was my employment and tenure in the restaurant and hospitality business. My first job was as a dishwasher in a fine dining restaurant where I quickly promoted to busboy. Several years, and restaurants later, I advanced from busboy, to waiter, trainer, and eventually to manager. At each of these fine dining restaurants I learned about customer service, with an emphasis on creating a unique experience, regardless of whether the customer was celebrating a special occasion, a romantic dinner, or simply a delicious meal, served and presented with class and elegance. This early training is carried on with my real estate clients. I desire that their individual experience is informed, exciting, and satisfying; leaving a pleasant aftertaste!

In the late 80’s, after getting married to the love of my life and becoming parents, we discovered quickly that the schedule demanded in the restaurant and hospitality business was not suitable for our young family. In preparation for this transition I took some real estate appraisal courses and was ultimately employed by a mortgage company as a real estate appraiser. Several years, and much training later, I opened my own appraisal company, serving the needs of mortgage companies, attorneys, and private parties, across Southern California, primarily in the Inland Empire, San Gabriel/Pomona valleys, and beyond. Appraiser licensing was implemented in 1990, and I was licensed as a Residential Certified Appraiser. I had already obtained my Real Estate Salesperson license in 1988. Due to a slowdown in the lending and appraisal business in the early 90’s I associated with Prudential California Realty in Rancho Cucamonga and truly began my career as a real estate salesperson. I built my business and established myself as a trusted real estate agent amongst my clients, peers, and in our community. I joined RE/MAX in 2001, first as a real estate salesperson, and then as an Associate Broker, after obtaining my broker’s license in 2007. After the RE/MAX office closed in 2008, I opened my own brokerage, Sentinel Real Estate & Investments.

In retrospect it is easy to see the purpose behind each experience from college, the restaurant/hospitality business, and appraisal. Each experience has contributed to our ability to accurately provide value opinions to our buyers and sellers; stay up to date with economic and cultural changes within our local and regional market so as to maximize market timing; while providing a customer service experience rich with knowledge, experience, and understanding, while staying focused on our client's dreams and goals.